Get Engaged — with Social Media

Everyone knows that having a social media presence is extremely important in accessing a large audience. It is a great tool to utilize and does not require spending a lot of time or money in the process. However, there should be a method to your madness, so to speak. Posting for the sake of posting is not a sufficient or an efficient way to promote your company or products. Marketing best practices that I have come to live by are:

50% Share interesting and entertaining posts.

30% Offer helpful information.

20% Promote your business.

What does this look like in action?

Let’s say you have a dog walking business. You want to get new clients, but do not want to overwhelm people with specific details about your business; HOWEVER, you know people LOVE to see pictures or videos of animals doing funny or adorable things. You also know clients you are already working with are asking you about good / healthy treats for their dogs, advice on training and what dog-friendly parks you love going to.

Your posts might include photos such as this:





With captions that provide your audience with something to engage it:

“ ‘Like’ if you ever feel like your dog is the one walking you”

“Comment below with a time when YOUR dog got into something they shouldn’t have”

“I think this is what my dog looks like when I leave her alone for too long. Insert a GIF below you think best describes your dog”

That covers 50% of your posts. Now the other 50% might still include photos, but would provide valuable information for your clients or prospects (30%) and the remaining posts promote your business. For example, you could write a quick post about your favorite dog food and ask people to comment with their favorites. Or take into consideration the time of the year. Something like this might be appropriate. “PUMPKIN is in! And it’s a great treat for our furry friends, check out my blog with some dog friendly pumpkin treats!”. This post will engage your audience, get them to your website which will, in turn, increase your rating on search engines. (For more info on this topic check out my blog on “Keep it fresh”)

Social media is a great tool to use, but it is imperative that you utilize it correctly. The more people engage with your posts, the more your site will be promoted throughout social media and the more people will be exposed to your business.

Don’t forget, WHEN you post is important too! Check out my page on “Best Times to Post” to engage your audience even more!

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