Social Media

Why Social Media Matters

The ever evolving, growing, and sometimes confusing, world of social media. It has become so important in marketing that Google® gives considerable weight to your presence on social media when calculating your SEO (search engine optimization). They actually give so much importance to social media that at DFA Creative, we refer to SEO as “Social Engagement Optimization.”

But, it’s not enough to just have a presence on social media. Maybe your business is already on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. But what about YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest? Is Houzz the right fit for your marketing plan? Should you be on Snapchat? The social media waters are rising rapidly and they are getting more and more complicated to navigate.

The really important thing about social media, isn’t just that you have a presence there, but rather, what do you do there? Are your clients and prospective clients ENGAGED with you on social media? Do they comment, share, re-tweet,favorite, etc. when you post. If all you’re doing is posting to social media and no one is engaged with what you’re pushing out there, then you aren’t really taking advantage of what social media has to offer.

Social Media Set-up

Managing your social media presence may feel overwhelming, but it is a critical part of your marketing efforts. Social media is as important today as your website is. No longer can a business sit on the social media sidelines.

Unsure about Twitter’s purpose or how to set up your Facebook page? DFA Creative can do that for you. Then we can show you how to use it. There are more than half billion active Facebook users and more than a quarter million people active on Twitter. Are you willing to risk ignoring those potential customers and active clients? Of course not! You want to be sure you are reaching them and reinforcing your brand with them. (The number of active users is smaller than the number of registered users).

Social Media Maintenance

We generally recommend that our clients engage their customers directly through their social media accounts. But, if you don’t have time to do it, or the fear of making a mistake keeps you up at night, or trying to figure out what to post cuts into your productivity during the day, well be glad to step in and run  your social media presence.

Social Media Advertising

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and other platforms can be a great place to invest some of your marketing dollars. DFA Creative can set-up and manage your campaign.

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