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50-30-20 Rule for posting on social media and email marketing

Best time to post on Social Media

Photography / Videography Tools:

Lumee Phone Case developed by a professional photographer. This phone case has illuminated strips of LED light on either side to give you a soft, well-lit glow when taking photos or video.

Ring Light clips onto your phone or use it free-standing, includes three light settings.

  • PROFESSIONAL STUDIO LOOK – Get the right colour and effect regardless of dark environment with the ring LED light
  • BRIGHT LED BULBS – Long lasting LED lights will shine and bring out the glow inside
  • PORTABLE DESIGN – Flat and smooth, the light easily fits inside your purse or pocket

Tripod with remote…. I love this one because the flexible legs allow me to attach it to anything. And, it has a wireless remote so it’s great for when you have to be in the photo / video.

  • TAKE AWESOME PICTURES & VIDEOS – Take this lightweight tripod anywhere. Includes a bonus QuikPic Bluetooth Remote Shutter, perfect for taking wireless pictures & video.
  • USE ON ANY SURFACE – Capture level shots on any surface thanks to the flexible tripod design. No where to stand it? No problem, wrap the flexible tripod legs around a lamp or tree & you’re all set!

Microphones can make all the difference in your video. Use an external clip-on microphone when you are doing live or recorded video and your viewers will appreciate the difference in sound quality.


Color Matching Tools:

For Windows: Color Cop
For Mac: Color Snapper or Color Picker

Photo Editing Tools:

Looking for a great, easy to use, FREE photo editing tools?

How to:

Get Started with  Google Analytics

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